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I won’t lie, writing a column on a weekly basis is the most difficult task I’ve ever had to accept (fancy but difficult). I learn to craft my skill of not giving up and in the process of doing that, I get to learn and craft my skill of being a columnist. Each passing day, I try to engage myself in conversations that will ensure that I will have something to write about at the end of each week but with every entry, I realise that every piece of word has to come from a deeper place than just a mere conversation. It has to come from sitting blankly in front of my laptop screen with nothing but thoughts drifting between whether this piece will be better than last week’s or whether today’s coffee at Double Shot managed to ignite some powerful topic in my head. In reality, as taught by society, failure to summon a killer topic should result in me giving up but that is the method I never choose to follow (well not that I follow methods anyway).
A lot of the time, society has taught us that failing at something should be the end of you trying or it should result in you opting to do something else that will ensure that you “will not fail again and embarrass yourself”. In my 4 years of trying to pick business ventures, I’m sitting on my 5th and 6th business idea (well the ones that were actually implemented) and after the failure of the first 4, I always sought to try something else. I always mention to the people I converse with that some- times it’s not about you not being able to do something, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect niche for yourself.

I could have easily been working through school, focusing on getting my academic career in check if I had decided after business idea number 1 failed that “maybe I was just not cut out from the business cloth” but my ability to not give up when things went haywire meant that I was constantly acquiring skills to utilise in the now. I shared a status a week ago on Facebook about not all of us being made for entrepreneurship, art or academics but when you find yourself constantly wanting to acquire something and constantly wanting to be the best at what you do, you know that you’ve find your tiny piece of purpose. I’ve been sitting at my desk for 2 hours trying to write what you’ve just read and calling my Editor up and telling him that I was admitted into hospital was an idea but I’m Tebatso Molapo and giving up is not a trait that flows in my blood.  Through not giving up, I’ve learnt to discover my niche and purpose in the society. Failure is not the end. It’s a stepping stone towards a greater possibilities.



Pontsho Manyaka the Founder of Greater Tubatse News is a versatile Entrepreneur with over 6 years experience in Digital and Print Media. A Lover of all Startups #Media #Tech #Software Developer and #Mining. He is currently working as a Editor and Digital Manager for Greater Tubatse Newspaper. His main responsibilities include managing: News production, Editing, Electronic and Social Media. ●Content production and distribution of electronic newspapers ●Managing distribution of publications ●Updating and maintaining newspaper mailing lists ●Update and upload information on electronic media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook ) ●Manage daily social media content distribution


  1. Kamela L. Mahlakwane June 9, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    Dear Tebatso,
    Keep up writting. This is the skill that can only be honed by none other than writting. Remember the good old saying, “Practice Makes Perfect”? Exactly!

    I find it awesome telling my story by the tip of a pen.
    Keep on keeping on.

  2. Thabiso Matenchi June 10, 2016 at 10:11 am

    Greatness is no mistake, Its forged and carved into a fine piece.

    Tebatso, you possess greatness in you. You’re a master-piece at this age,
    no one can predict how you will be a few months or years later, because your potential is limitless.

    Grateful we are that you share your thoughts and wisdom to the masses. Your truly the light at the end of the tunnel of most of us.

    Keep striving forward, keep writing those columns, change lives,touch lives, save lives.

    Stay blessed.

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