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Not that I am very old, but I have learned that as you get older, there are some things that are important and others that are not. The things that are important are the things that guarantee that you lead a fulfilled and joyful life! One of those things that bring fulfilment is contentment. Yes, sometimes it is important to just be content with what you have.

How many times have we said “I WANT MORE!!? I WANT MORE MONEY!! I WANT A BETTER CAR…A BETTER JOB…A BETTER HOUSE…I WISH MY PARTNER OR MY KIDS COULD DO THIS AND THAT LIKE SO AND SO? If it is more often, then you are suffering from not being content. Meaning you are living a sad life of displeasure. Sad reality *sigh*

I heard a message on “contentment” a few Sundays ago; it was a simple yet relevant. Here is the way of life; there will always be “more” out there; there will something that will appear nicer than what you have. And there is really nothing wrong with wanting more, but when do we get to differentiate “greed” and “self-fulfilment”? I honestly do not believe it is a thin line. I believe these are two different lanes that require us to be honest with ourselves. We are on a journey, the sad thing is at times, we don’t even know what it is that we searching for. If I dare ask; why do we want more money? Why can’t you make the budget that you have work for you? What does a “better job” even mean? I ask that you reflect on the fact that we are in very strenuous times with the economy; some people do not even have the job that you are complaining about. Thousands of graduates are sitting, hoping that they can just get a glimpse of the life you always complaining about.

Please do not misunderstand me; there is nothing wrong with wanting better but BETTER is not MORE. Better goes with improving self, more is just plain greed. The problem is that when you are not satisfied with where you are; even when you get more, you will still not be happy. You will continue to toll without even taking a moment to appreciate your progress or your blessings. Am I saying stop chasing your dreams? Absolutely not! The sky is not the limit but take moments to stop, enjoy your current position, and count your blessings and strive for better-not because someone is doing it or the social pressure but because you want better!!

Letau Thobakgale




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