Cattle suffer from starvation

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GA-MANYAKA- Small scale livestock in Limpopo have experienced loss due to the recent heat and the lack of rain. Some say they have received little assistance from government. Others say they had to use their personal funds to salvage what is left. . In some instances, cattle have died due to starvation and thirst, while crop farmers have not harvested the expected volumes. The lack of rain has also affected cattle farmers at in Tubatse , where cattle are dying not because there is a shortage of water, but because there is no grazing. This forces livestock owners to buy fodder from their own pockets or risk losing their livestock. One local farmer at Ga Manyaka village told Greater Tubatse News that he will have no choice but to continue buying fodder for his cattle.

The President of the African Farmers Association of South Africa in Limpopo, Tshianeo Mathidi, says there has been an extreme amount of loss.  “Our livestock did not gain weight and then the prices were low or they were unsellable and when it comes to crop the yield at the fields were so low that even the income that we wanted to get we could not get it.”



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